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We believe that in a product like Arume, where its gastronomic proposal is worked on to the smallest detail, all elements must be aligned and be worked on with the same attention for detail.

We seek to modernise the image that Arume offers through elegant graphic elements that communicate the experience of its restaurants.

We came from a heavy stroke typography and aggressive forms to a much simpler, thinner, clearer and at the same time blunt, representing the gastronomic proposal of Tomeu Martí.

To create the isotype we started from the ‘a’ with which the original brand was identified, rotating and simplifying it, obtaining 2 simple forms but loaded of meaning, the circle, basic form that suggests balance and perfection, and the line, which indicates that we never stray from our path, we always move in a straight line, being essential parts of the Arume proposal.

When we had to differentiate the 3 premises of Arume, Tomeu Martí, Sushi Bar & Dim Sum and Sake Bar, we opted for a chromatic range that represented the essence of each of them, from the elegance of Arume Tomeu Martí, through the informal and fun proposal of the sushi bar located in the Santa Catalina market, until its last opening, Arume Sake Bar, a Japanese-inspired tavern.

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