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La Molienda


Coffee is in our veins. There are people who like it and there are people who are passionate about it. La Molienda lives for coffee. It is in our lives, it is part of our day, we have it in our heads.

For the new brand design of La Molienda we wanted to communicate this passion for the world of coffee through a fresh and striking image that represented its essence in a visually attractive way.

As part of the brand we have created a series of characters that represents the life of a person who has coffee in his head.

Life in a coffee cup.

La Molienda project was born out of the passion for coffee, a product that has abduced them and has become part of their lives without being able to get it out of their minds. This passion has led them start to roast their own specialty coffee, La Base. ⁠

For the design of La Base, and following the line of La Molienda’s new brand design, we wanted to represent the moment when they were abducted by the world of coffee, that moment when it all began.

A brand with great strength, but at the same time simple, because coffee, at the end of the day, is coffee.

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