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Sadhana Works


Sadhana Works is a company born from the love, the certainty and the commitment that real change begins within each person. A new brand that represents a lifestyle that helps people to grow and transform through the body and mind, emotions and physical spaces.

Sadhana Works is a platform that talks about a lifestyle; from the transformation of individual experiences, the projection of our true essence in our homes and activities where we find ourselves being in contact with nature or disconnecting in meditation retreats.

Sadhana Works’ soul is rebellious and disruptive. That is why we seek to escape from the stereotypes of wellness and we are looking to surprise and arouse curiosity. Because Sadhana Works is much more than a yoga, wellness or real estate center, it is a platform through which people can search for the best version of each one and the brand must reflect this spirit.

We live in chaos intoxicated by external experiences. Sadhana Works aims to rebuild and reorder the world of each individual seeking vital well-being through 3 main services, Healthy Hub, Homes and Experiences.⁠

We looked for a geometric shape that would allow the brand to be easily identified and represented the essence of the brand, and the triangle was the perfect complement, representing light, love and the will to change.

The Sadhana work proposal is divided into 3 types of wellbeing-oriented services. To do this, we have developed 3 sub-brands that represent these different services through a color palette and an own triangle that transmits the essence of each one of them.

Sadhana Works Healthy Hub, represented by the green colour symbolizing growth and balance,  is a meeting place around individual health that offers a wide range of activities that promote well-being, growth and transformation through our own personal journey.

Sadhana Works Homes, represented by the blue colour symbolizing harmony and rest, is an innovative property research service that combines home with well-being. A real estate agency that seeks to make the home a continuation of our personal experiences. Since our house should be our temple, the place where we find inner peace, creativity and joy. ⁠

Sadhana Works Experiences, represented by yellow colour symbolizing energy and happiness, offers a wide selection of programs that encourage us to get out of our comfort zone and try something new. They offer fantastic activities and experiences for the mind, body and emotions that help in the process of personal transformation.

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